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70 lock - Suppression

Post  suppression on Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:36 pm

1.) Suppression Undead Female
3.) Would probably go Full affliction unti i get the hit cap for destruction.
4.)The Second Legacy...disbanded
5.) Come from the UK and i live in the South =D im 18 and currently studying sports at college.
6.) I believe in capping hit rating so i try to use my spec to compromise this as i am nowhere near the hit rating required to roll destruction....so atm i usually play full affliction as it has the talents to allow me to cap my hit rating. 996 base damage 1096 shadow damage unbuffed.
7.)I like to progress and thus far i havn't been with the right people and the right guild to do so...I'm quite clued up with classes and have 70 mage, 70 resto druid and a 70 lock. I have experienced, ZG,ZA,AQ20,Karazhan, Gruuls and lastly magtheridon.

thanks Suppression,


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