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Priest and Warlock Apply!

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Priest and Warlock Apply! Empty Priest and Warlock Apply!

Post  Demin on Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:04 am

1.) Character Name /class/gender
Demin/Warlock/BE Male.

2.)Armory Link of your main character

3.)Current talent build and also give us a brief description of your current talent build, why you have chosen this particular build and why you believe this is the most appropriate pve-raid spec.

0/21/40 I choose this as my talent build becouse it feels right to me, it's really fun and i've been affli before and got tired of it.
I find it very good for Pve becouse it's lots of dmg dealing
4.)Previous guilds and your reason for leaving them.

a former core member(on another character) becouse i couldnt play anymore due to school thats my reason for leaving

5.)Personal info [we want to know where do you live how old are you etc.]
ventrilo+mic:Yes both

6.)We won't gear you up, we expect you to be able to perform your role from the moment you are accepted. Explain your choice of gear and what gear you aim for.

My choice of Equipment was stupid, i got some pvp gear and some Pve gear etc. i choose to play pvp becouse i didnt have time for raid etc. But now i do have all time in the world,well almost. I dont really aim for any gear i aim for having fun raiding and making some lifetime friends and among the way get some equipment while having fun Smile

7.)Anything you would like us to know regarding yourself as a player.

None at the moment.

gender:Be Female
Talentbuild:20/41/0 Becouse its the ultimate healing specc
former guild: None on this character. got experience up to Archimonde
I understand.

Over and out regarding Seb and Vic.


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