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BM Hunter Application

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BM Hunter Application Empty BM Hunter Application

Post  Sean on Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:20 pm

Character Info
Name: Nemain
Class: Hunter
Race: Troll

Armory Link

Talent Build
Cookie cutter nihilium bm build. This build provides both good dps and raid buffs, I am considering moving the points from imp. revived pet, as while it is useful to me, not to anyone else :p. At this time I dont have good enough gear to be going survival.

Previous guilds
I was in guiardans clan untill last year, I joined them the day of the 2.1 patch (when I dinged 60). I went through some pretbc content with them, and then we cleared kara and grull. I quit the game a year ago, and guardians clan. After I quit however I fell out with some of the members of the guild, so there exists some bad blood between me and some of their members.

Personal info
I am 20 I live in scotland and im a freelance programmer, which means raid times are not an issue for me.

I wasnt that lucky with drops, so when I came back (almost a week ago) I leveled my lwing up to 375 and farmed for my ebon set, which I have now gemmed. I picked up the pvp rep gloves as they were better than what I was using. I am going to change my enchants and maybe some of my gems, I am either going to put savagery on my sonic spear or put it on the blackened spear to raise my low ap (which is just a fact of life as bm), hands ap, chest mp5, bracers ap, I am waiting for a better helm before I enchant it.

I am also going to start farming for the boj xbow and maybe some other welfare epics, but I am not a big fan of pugging.

Anything else
I am exalted with the violet eye, so ive seen kara a good few times, also downed grull and hk. In gc I assisted the gm with the hunter class we lost our classleader when tbc came out. I was first in my guild to 70 =p and uhh thats about it.


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BM Hunter Application Empty Re: BM Hunter Application

Post  Netto on Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:22 pm

Realy realy nice application, like what I see.

But atm im not sure if we are looking for any more hunters, keep your head up tho and wait for a final answer from Qs when we had a chance to look into it.

Good luck mate. And damn ye, you realy were unlucky with the items from kara if your exalted Crying or Very sad

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BM Hunter Application Empty Re: BM Hunter Application

Post  electric on Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:37 pm

I saw you applies to RMES the same day we left for here Razz

I must say that from my experiences of being a hunter class leader, it is very hard to find decent hunters and know what they are doing and dont have to be told how to do everything.

However Nemain has experience, and quite a bit of it, some of it pretbc (always good Very Happy). Ontop of that he seems a nice guy :>

good luck with your app mate

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BM Hunter Application Empty Re: BM Hunter Application

Post  Qs on Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:59 pm

Thanks alot for your great application but atm we have 2 active hunters and not planing to get 1 more


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BM Hunter Application Empty Re: BM Hunter Application

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