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Post  Xgatel on Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:58 am

1.) Character Name /class/gender
Xgatel / prot warr / undead male

2.)Armory Link of your main character
P.S : u'll notice that im equiping the decapitator as mainhand, i use that for questing . for tanking i got both Suneater and King's defender .

3.)Current talent build and also give us a brief description of your current talent build, why you have chosen this particular build and why you believe this is the most appropriate pve-raid spec.
have the usual protection talent tree ( except imp taunt/ revenge dont think they help with raids ), i have anger managment and imp bloodrage .

4.)Previous guilds and your reason for leaving them.
Blackburn: inactivity from guild side , Dimensions of Eternity : guild disbanded , current guild Avolition: too slow and no signs of real raiding anytime soon

5.)Personal info [we want to know where do you live how old are you etc.]
im 21 year old male , from jordan middleeast .

6.)We won't gear you up, we expect you to be able to perform your role from the moment you are accepted. Explain your choice of gear and what gear you aim for.
i have most of kara loots except nightbane's stuff - never done NB -, i got some Badges loot like bracers+sheild+ring. im aiming for T5 gear and ZA stuff.

7.)Anything you would like us to know regarding yourself as a player.
i think im well experienced in kara, done first 2 bosses in ZA successfully with Dimensions Of Eternity. never done 25man raids
and im willing to get my own flasks/pots and pay my repairs


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Post  Netto on Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:38 am

Fine application, a armory link wouldnt hurt since officers normally are quite lazy Smile

But I like your gear, experience, attitude and activity seems fine.

And like the other applications we will return to you fast as possible with a final answer.

Good luck

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Post  Qs on Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:52 am

Thank you for your application and your time but we are not recruiting anymore protection warriors atm.

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